Ideas4Ordsall Highlights: Laura’s Billboard

Laura is a local parent and worker at Ordsall Community Arts. She used to think that there was ‘nothing going on’ in Ordsall but after getting involved in the project she changed her mind.

The University of Salford project team commissioned Ordsall Community Arts to find out about cultural activities in the local area and OCA recruited 6 local people to spend time in the community talking to people and finding out what’s on. As they asked questions, looked at adverts and posters in windows, on noticeboards and online and listened via ‘word-of-mouth’, the community researchers realised that there was ‘loads going on’ in the area.

Laura was one of the community researchers and she got really excited about sharing and communicating ‘what’s on’ to her friends and neighbours. As a local parent, she is always out and about in the community anyway so it is easy for her to let people know. She started talking to people about their activities and set up a Facebook Group called On in Ordsall which now has 555 members (as of 3rd Sept 2015).

When the project funding came available to support the development of local people’s ideas, Laura proposed a public billboard in the Ordsall Park area for posters and info about local activities and events. After a number of false starts and waiting for people to get back to her, she was delighted when the Ordsall Community Allotments agreed she could put up a board on their fences.  Laura worked with local artist, Marie (another Ideas Person who has put beehives in the allotments), to create a fabulous board that can be updated regularly.

Laura’s launch of the billboard was featured on Salford Online.

Lots of people thank Laura for sharing info about events and activities that they otherwise wouldn’t realise were happening. People stop and read the Billboard regularly and also stop and chat to Laura about what they are doing.

Cultural activities only work if people know about them! Laura’s billboard and Facebook group is making sure that happens in Ordsall… Well done Laura 🙂

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